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bigbluebox's Journal


A Ficcage Recycling Community
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a fanfiction recycling community

The Concept

Have you ever started writing a fic only to stop once the inspiration runs out? And you don't want it to go to waste? Or maybe, you're just looking for a good introduction or plot bunny to get you started...?

You know the saying "recycle, reduce, reuse" right? Basically, this community was created to "reuse" old "recycled" fics from authors who no longer have the heart to continue their old fics.

And I think it's a universal thing, but where I live, the recycling bins are blue. Hence the name bigbluebox!


If you want to "recycle", you are posting one of your old fics or ideas (like a nagging plot bunny). This is the posting format I'd like you to post with.

In the Subject Header: [Recycle] Fic Title
Working title:
Genre: Romance, General, etc.
Warnings: Very important. If you started writing a hard core yaoi fic, I'm sure the next author would like to know that.
Pairings: Any intended or hopeful.
General plotline/storyline:
Author's notes: Maybe suggest a direction you could see the fic heading towards or anything else you want the next writer to know.

And then, post the first chapter under an lj-cut please! I would like to see lj-cuts rather than links, however, if there are multiple chapters, it would be a good idea to link to the next chapters as well.


To be honest, I haven't thought of anything for the "reduce" so if you come up with an idea...let me know! Maybe a challenge or something like that. :)


If you want to "reuse", you are using an old fic or plot bunny that a fellow lj user has posted in this community. Please leave a comment to the author to let him/her know that you are going to use their old fic/idea. Also, don't forget to credit the author if you use his/her fic or idea!

And it'd be nice if you posted in the community with the fic or oneshot once you are done. It's fun to see what fics have spawned from this community. If you do post a fic, please do so in the following posting format!

In the Subject Header: [Reuse] Fic Title

And again, don't forget to post the fic under an lj-cut! Or you may link to wherever you have posted your fic.

Links and Resources

Affliates: dialogue_500, sasunaru100, 150_comms, 7snogs, 7musicalmuses, 2x5obsessions, joss100, csi50, ats_btvs_fanfic, alphabetasoup

And if you'd like to affliate with bigbluebox, just leave me a comment! :)

Writing Tools:
Punctuation Made Simple
Guide to Grammar and Writing
The Transitive Demigod
Modern English Grammar

A few last notes

♣ Please use tags! The only things I would like tagged are fandom, "recycle" or "reuse"

♣ Please remember to be kind! Don't forget the golden rule: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all".

♣ PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE, use proper English. N0tHiN' lYkE dIs.

♣ If you have any suggestions, comments or anything really to say to me, yellow_spatula, don't hesitate to leave a comment in this post. I'll answer any questions and get back to you as soon as possible!

All right, that's it. Knock yourselves out and have fun!


Created by passing_girl.