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07 November 2008 @ 03:06 pm
[Recycle] plot bunny  
Working title:None
Fandom:Harry Potter
Genre: Romance, H/C, umm whatever else you think needs to go here
Warnings: abuse, angst, Yaoi, M/M
Pairings: Severus/Harry or Draco/Harry
General plotline/storyline: Snape catches harry in Myrtle's bathroom three days before the end of the year trying to make a large batch of all purpose healing potion...
Author's notes: I want this to be a 'Snape saves Harry' fic. I dont really care how you pull it off. But I would really like to see all the finished products!

"Mr. Potter, what is the meaning of this"
Harry jumped and lost his sweaty grip on the vial of liquid he had been measuring into the small beat up cauldron placed over the top of an empty toilet. the contents of the vial fell strait into the unfinished potion and began to bubble violently. Snape barely had time to jerk harry back and slam the stall door before the potion erupted.
"NO!" Harry shouted, scrambling toward the ruined potion. "No, I dont have time..." the potions master watched with a raised eyebrow as Harry's shoulders began to shake and...was he hyperventilating?
"Potter, Potter." he showed no response to his name. Snape stepped forward, tilted Harry's head back and emptied a calming draft down his throat. He waited for it to take effect before starting his interrogation.
"Now, mr. Potter, just what were you attempting to brew *here*" he put an emphases on 'here' to show his distaste for the girls toilet.
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